The Visible Earths
01- Nazca,Cocos,Caribbean
02- Pre-Cambrian
03- Shields of the Earth
04- Shield Re-assembly
05- Volcanic Activity
06- Hinge Faults
07- Himalayas
08- Juan De Fuca, Gorda
09- Ring of Fire
10- Oceans Closed
11- Earthquake Waves
12- Mirror Plates
13- Interior
14- Continent Reflections
15- Earthquake Paths
16- Object in the interior
17- Magnetic Mirror
18- Full Expansion
19- Contraction
20- Shield Volcanoes
21- Valles Marineris
22- Entry Point of Mars
  The Gas Giants
23- The Gas Giants
24- Asteroids
25- Mercury
26- Venus' Crust
27- Gravity Anomalies
28- Free-Air Correction
29- Rudimentary America
30- Magma Oceans
31- Full Sequence & Notes

17 - Magnetic Mirror



Note that, in the case of opposing mirror plates, the surface, or crustal magnetic field also mirrors itself.

The world's crustal magnetism actually mirrors itself in all directions. This, and the reflection of plate boundaries, is why I regard them in support of an expanded Earth. I don't believe this would be the case if the continents were moving on a constant diameter, as any kind of symmetrical patterning can only emerge if the relative positioning of plates is consistent throughout different periods. I believe this mirroring of crustal magnetism is related to influence of the original impact on 'Convection', the currents of movement in the Earth's interior which are believed to drive the continents movements, and generate the Earth's general magnetic field ( see: ptss ). This will be expanded on in future drafts ( see Full Sequence and Notes )

Alan Lambert 2010