The Visible Earths
01- Nazca,Cocos,Caribbean
02- Pre-Cambrian
03- Shields of the Earth
04- Shield Re-assembly
05- Volcanic Activity
06- Hinge Faults
07- Himalayas
08- Juan De Fuca, Gorda
09- Ring of Fire
10- Oceans Closed
11- Earthquake Waves
12- Mirror Plates
13- Interior
14- Continent Reflections
15- Earthquake Paths
16- Object in the interior
17- Magnetic Mirror
18- Full Expansion
19- Contraction
20- Shield Volcanoes
21- Valles Marineris
22- Entry Point of Mars
  The Gas Giants
23- The Gas Giants
24- Asteroids
25- Mercury
26- Venus' Crust
27- Gravity Anomalies
28- Free-Air Correction
29- Rudimentary America
30- Magma Oceans
31- Full Sequence & Notes

19 - Contraction

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After the second expansion there is a stable period followed by the beginning of contraction.

During the contraction stage, the extensional plates of the Pacific, and the extensional fault line of the Atlantic, continue to spread. Simultaneously, the reduction in the size of the sphere causes this spreading to further increase the pressure on plate-boundaries, and the deformation of the continental plates and original shileds.

The pressure of the compressional areas around the Ring of Fire cause new and more widespread volcanic and seismic activity, and the resulting natural disasters, to begin to obscure much of the original continents. Australia, Antarctica and Asia, now collided and shredded, pile up to eventually become Syrtis Major, just above the equator of Mars.

( This section still deals only with the crustal features: the cause of the contraction with be dealt with separately, along with the cause of second expansion. See 'Full Sequence and Notes' )

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