01- The Stone Star
02- Miniature Earth
03- Lunar Features
04- Fission Theory
05- Capture / Co-accretion
06- Shoemaker's Ashes
07- Theia
08- Doomed Planet
09- Genesis Rocks
10- Green Glass
11- Volcanoes Of The Moon
12- Solar Wind
13- Terrestrial vs. Lunar
14- Earth Plume

13 - Earth Plume



According to Matija Cuk, a planetary scientist at Harvard University, instead of a collision with the Mars sized planet that the giant impact theory suggests, a smaller body, with half the mass of Mars, could have struck the Earth at a steeper angle and buried itself deep inside the Earth. In this case a plume of solely Earth rocks would be thrown into orbit - hence the resulting satellite would be isotopically identical to the Earth, as our moon apparently is.

These recent developments are interesting in that, more so than 'Big Splat' or the earlier more widely known co-accretion theory, they appear to compliment my reconstruction of the Earth's earliest rock shields ( Shield Re-assembly ), which is the starting point of my overall hypothesis. A larger Mars sized body would have shattered the shell of the proto-earth in a manner unlikely to leave traces as clear as those suggested by my shield re-assembly. The object buried deep inside the Earth suggested by Matija Cuk, is also favorable towards my 'object in the interior', as I have suggested by 'Mirror-tectonics'.


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