01- The Stone Star
02- Miniature Earth
03- Lunar Features
04- Fission Theory
05- Capture / Co-accretion
06- Shoemaker's Ashes
07- Theia
08- Doomed Planet
09- Genesis Rocks
10- Green Glass
11- Volcanoes Of The Moon
12- Solar Wind
13- Terrestrial vs. Lunar
14- Earth Plume

11 - Volcanoes Of The Moon



Scientists had believed that the heat from an impact of the magnitude required to produce the Moon would have vapourised all water. But these recent studies of the green glasses show that massive volcanic eruptions actually brought water to the lunar surface 3 billion years ago. This suggests that water was part of the Moon since it's formation.

( note: the 3 billion year date of the release of water in relation to the Earth / Mars timeline )

Alan Lambert 2009