01- The Stone Star
02- Miniature Earth
03- Lunar Features
04- Fission Theory
05- Capture / Co-accretion
06- Shoemaker's Ashes
07- Theia
08- Doomed Planet
09- Genesis Rocks
10- Green Glass
11- Volcanoes Of The Moon
12- Solar Wind
13- Terrestrial vs. Lunar
14- Earth Plume

07 -Theia



The shift towards Shoemaker's ideas that the Solar System was a far less inert place than we had believed and was formerly far more active, with tumultuous collisions in its infancy, opened the doors for the 'Giant Impact' theory.

Most of the more specialized aspects of the current study of the moon, and the Giant Impact theory itself, in many ways support the hypotheses of this website, and they will be integrated in the further discussion of the Moon. However, one of the main ideas within the theory which this website's hypothesis does challenge is the former existence of a smaller, Mars sized planet, called Theia. It is believed that Theia lay in an outer orbit amongst the Gas Giants, but was pulled out of its orbit and collided with the Earth during the later stages of Earth's accretion, thus causing the impact that resulted in the Moon's formation.

Alan Lambert 2009