01- The Stone Star
02- Miniature Earth
03- Lunar Features
04- Fission Theory
05- Capture / Co-accretion
06- Shoemaker's Ashes
07- Theia
08- Doomed Planet
09- Genesis Rocks
10- Green Glass
11- Volcanoes Of The Moon
12- Solar Wind
13- Terrestrial vs. Lunar
14- Earth Plume

13 - Terrestrial vs. Lunar

Moon rock samples 2012 - identical chemical properties to Earth rocks


One development which throws the recent 'Big Splat' giant impact theory into doubt is the recent detailed analysis of moon rocks carried out by cosmochemist Junjun Zhang from the University of Chicago in 2012.

This analysis shows that many of the isotopes found are identical to that of the Earth. If the giant impact scenario was correct the composition of terrestrial and lunar rocks would differ, with different amounts of isotopes of the same element, as they did not all come from the Earth.

Alan Lambert 2009