The Super Earths
01- K-11
02- Migrating Worlds
03- Gliese 581
04- Goldilocks
05- 51 Pegasi
06- Doppler Effect
07- Rhythmic Shift
08- Eccentric Giants
09- Transitters
10- Mu Arae
11- Intermediate World
12- Worlds Observed
13- Extra Solar Earths
14- Migrant Worlds
15- Accretion
16- Core Accretion
17- Disk Erosion
18- Planetary Embryos
19- The Protected Zone
20- Ecosphere
21- Ecosphere II
22- Beta Pictoris
23- Vanquishing Starlight
24- Red Edge / Earth Shine
25- Distant Continents
26- The Age of Stars

14 - Migrant Worlds

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In relation to all of the above it should be noted again that it is believed that Jupiter and Saturn remain near their birthplace in the far reaches of our solar system. But it is widely interpreted that the new found giant gas worlds with such close orbits have migrated inwards towards their suns.

They’re common enough that it looks like they are a normal part of planetary formation. But they’re not so common that other solar systems like our own, where Earths co-exist with gas giants that move in wide, circular orbits like Jupiter’s, won't be found.

  Alan Lambert 2011