The Invisible Earths
01- 2003 VB12: Sedna
02- AU
03- The Kuiper Belt
04- The Oort Cloud
05- Invisible Earths
06- Full System
07- Baby Worlds
08- Inti / Wild 2
09- Migration

06 - The Full System

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In 'The Adjusted Calender' I have outlined a general idea about time dilation in relation to the radioactive age of the Earth and its apparent distortion suggested by my expansion model. My proposed collective orbit shift occurs roughly every 10 to 15 million years ( suggested by the ice ages ), and sees the beginning of a new sequence with a new rock core. With a 4.7 billion year age to the Sun, this allows for somewhere in the region of 300 former worlds

Above is a full list of Visible Earths ( Mercury to Pluto ) and 200 Invisible Earths ( Sedna outwards to the edge of the Oort Cloud ) with a rough indication of the distance, in Au, at which their debris can now be located as comets in those regions.

Idea: The Oort Cloud objects were formed closer to the Sun than the Kuiper Belt objects because the outer Oort Cloud objects are primarily the remains of former Earths. The Kuiper Belt objects consist mostly of the remains of their moons and rings.

Alan Lambert 2013