The Invisible Earths
01- 2003 VB12: Sedna
02- AU
03- The Kuiper Belt
04- The Oort Cloud
05- Invisible Earths
06- Full System
07- Baby Worlds
08- Inti / Wild 2
09- Migration

05 - Invisible Earths



The concept of the solar-system as a timeline, or sequence, and of the outer planets as the gas shrouds gathered around the rock cores of former, contracted Earths, suggests to me that these small, rocky and icy bodies of the Kuiper Belt and The Oort Cloud are actually the fragmented remains of the rock cores of Earths that went before the previous six.
The remains of the previous six are still visible to us, but the remains of the rest now lie outside our field of vision, except when their elliptical orbits bring them close to the sun and they become briefly visible as comets.

These are the Invisible Earths.

Alan Lambert 2013