Mars Mission
01- Canals
02- Mariners
03- Riverbeds
04- Sub-surface Ice
05- Fleet
06- Martian Ice
07- Slope Streaks
08- Water Found
09- Phyllocian Era
10- Theikian Era
11- Siderikan Era
12- Martian Regions
13- Obliquity
14- Martian Tectonics
15- Topographic Morph
16- Crustal Magnetism
17- Original Impact
18- Polar Regions
19- Hydrated Minerals
20- Theikian Warming
21- New Phoenix Snow
22- Equatorial Glaciers
23- Ancient Ice
24- Continental Snow Drift

6 - Martian Ice

Aram Chaos Crater


After focusing more on the planet’s distant past, one of the most exciting aspects of the new study of Mars were the traces of processes reshaping its surface today. Ice was expected to be found frozen into the soil at high latitudes, but now it appeared to move from place to place, around the globe, reshaping the surface and occassionaly producing traces of liquid water.

Aram Chaos crater is an example of one area whic was once underlain with water ice and beneath that, liquid water. After a violent eruption water gushed out and the ground around it collapsed in complex shapes.

  Alan Lambert 2009