Mars Mission
01- Canals
02- Mariners
03- Riverbeds
04- Sub-surface Ice
05- Fleet
06- Martian Ice
07- Slope Streaks
08- Water Found
09- Phyllocian Era
10- Theikian Era
11- Siderikan Era
12- Martian Regions
13- Obliquity
14- Martian Tectonics
15- Topographic Morph
16- Crustal Magnetism
17- Original Impact
18- Polar Regions
19- Hydrated Minerals
20- Theikian Warming
21- New Phoenix Snow
22- Equatorial Glaciers
23- Ancient Ice
24- Continental Snow Drift

2 - Mariners



In 1965 the Mariner deep space probe sent back the first photographs showing Mars to have a desolate, cratered surface with an atmosphere far thinner than expected, exerting only 1% that of the Earth's air pressure at sea level and consisting mostly of carbon dioxide - a place where liquid water could not exist.

In 1976 Viking 1 landed in Chryse, a rock strewn area of sand-dunes. The Martian sky was pink, not the familiar blue, due to a fine dust suspended in the atmosphere.

  Alan Lambert 2009