The Adjusted Calender
01- Radioactivity
02- Ice Ages
03- Ice Ages of Mars
04- Adjusted Ice Ages
05- Geological Time

05 - Geological Time

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Similarly, the geological time scale of the Earth, if a rough adjustment were applied, would show that the different periods are actually of equal length and the overall time is much shorter.

The appropriate adjustments to the general timescale of each Earth are noted in the gallery footnotes on 'Earth7media'


All the celestial bodies of this solar system are dated at about 4.5 billion years, which is one of the things which contributes to the idea of the entire thing having formed, as is, by accretion.

However, I think that they all come from the sun in the first place. I believe that this has got something to do with how each successive object can be older, but still contain elements that would show a radioactive reading the same age as the sun. This idea will be dealt with in the 'Sol' section of this website in future drafts.

Alan Lambert 2010