Overall Hypothesis:

The Solar System can be regarded as a timeline. As they successively undergo the same process, all the major planets are simply seen at different stages of expansion, contraction and rebirth as gas giants. All the planets after the Earth once passed through this orbit. When at our stage of their cycle they were fully life sustaining and, by way of a repeat tectonic pattern within this process, they had the same continent configuration as this Earth. As all people have two eyes, a nose and a mouth, so all planets look like this one when they're in their prime.

Nature always makes copies of things. The object we are walking around on right now is just a basic model. There were six Earths before this one, all of them fully populated with human beings, as an integral part of their individual cycles. 600 billion people lived and died on them, with births, deaths, marriages, war and homework, just like us.

But for reasons of a misinterpretation of geo-science related data, this is not apparent to anyone. I am attempting to re-interpret this data and this website is how I believe it works.

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